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BANMAKSER and Screen-Printing Machine Industry and trade limited company

In the year 2000, our company as an advertising agency, Balıkesir province of Banda district was established.
Since 2004, contract and glitter flock printing are being performed.
Until 2007 and in 2008 The Sim who works in the industry jib invitation outsourced to our company started the production of all print production machinery and machine in Adapazari in Bandırma collected in 2011.As a corporate entity of our brand Lusso silk screen printing machines , silk screen banmakser machine industry and Trade Ltd.STI has taken the name. Our company has 2 partners, and operates on its own premises.

The main goal of our company in the printing industry, the most affordable price,with the principles of simple operation and easy-to-use is to provide users with producing machines.Of this principle in the sector since 2012, Sunday has enabled us to be the leader.

The price of our machines ,simple operation and easy-to-use abroad are preferred.Many companies that operate in the sector thanks to these features of our machines and workshop, became the owner of the machine, and were given the opportunity to increase their production capacity.

Our machines are used in pneumatic operating system easily allows you to quickly identify and resolve potential problems that may occur in the machine.Setting the simple designed machine elements with different properties will allow you to do printing on the material thickness.

Comprising the construction of our machines to be produced quickly to place your machines aluminium Sigma profiles,to allow the eye when filling out the solidity of the machine affects the overall concept in a compelling way.

The shipping costs and the height of the work place as a serious problem in desktop machines and our machines has caused me to think as compact as possible.

Our machines which are produced with the brand Lusso,silk screen printing and sold in the field of Turkey's most popular brand. A solution to your problem related to a wide range of print is produced.

Using our machines ;

Leather,plastic,nylon,PVC,pet,metal,wood,glass,paper,marble,stone,Porcelain,such as different Fabric
properties of materials ;

Flat ( flat ) or cylindrical ( Round ) using printing technique ;

One of the methods with direct printing or transfer printing ;

Shoes,slippers,food,furniture,plastic products,kitchen items,screen printing,textile

products,packaging industry,fiber, vinlex,eva,paper,cardboard, label any product in the field
you can print out.

These products in different sizes,with different designs may have different thicknesses.

You may want to apply one or more color on these products.

You planned production volumes for different according to the daily capacity ; manual,semi
automatic,full-automatic, or fully automated, you may need to use a machine.

Your Solution Partner
  • Our company is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, with registration number 8468 Banda.
  • The project provided support to many companies from kosgeb supplier pool.
  • Central Anatolian Exporters Union of Turkey Exporters Assembly,the machine is a member of Association of exporters.
  • Advex,Fespa,Sign,Printek,VisCom, TechStyle and Visions of the organization is the exhibitors.

Our company registration number is supervised by the Ministry of industry 636802 regular industry with annual capacity are provided in the report.

How Do We Work?
Our mission

In the burgeoning sector, Sunday is to be the leader.

Our vision

Banmakser ; customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management, and sharing is based on the suitability of technological developments in the industry to be a leading organization with an understanding that “VISION” is committed to.

Our machines which are produced with the brand Lusso,silk screen printing and sold in the field of Turkey's most popular brand. A solution to your problem related to a wide range of print is produced.

Big Box Description

65 and over 800 units in Turkey, we are running around a machine.
Over 300 pieces in 51 countries around the world, including European countries, we are running the machine for different purposes.
For this reason, Turkey is Lusso brand's best-selling silk screen printing machine.

Gökhan Gönenç
Gökhan Gönenç
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